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The use of general descriptive names, registered names, trademarks, service. Matthias Korte, Frédéric Holzmann, Gerd Kaiser, Volker Scheuch. [10] S. Kohlbrecher, J. Meyer, O. von Stryk, U. Klingauf, A Flexible and Scalable SLAM.

May 3, 2017. Where a change of name or address or a transfer. (72) MERCKX, Gert, B- 2640 Mortsel, BE. KLINGAUF, Lutz, 56316 Raubach, DE.

Dec 21, 2015. GABAB receptors, the most abundant inhibitory G protein–coupled receptors in the mammalian brain, display pronounced diversity in functional.

Der Täter nimmt Kontakt zu Kerstin Grimm (Gerit Kling) auf, die schon einmal von ihm. Der letzte Zeuge, der Bindseil lebend gesehen hat, ist Gerd Alpers, ein.

Gerd is a common Germanic name. As a masculine name it is a shortened form of Gerhard. As a feminine name it may be a form of Gerda or Gertrud. See also.

Name, Raum, Tel. E-Mail. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Griepentrog, S3|21 207, +49 6151 16- 20580 · [email protected] Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Pelz, L1|01 465, +49.

Rang, Name, Vorname, Punkte. 1, Kießling, Mario, 2.750, 18, Lauer, Gerd Peter, 2.511,1. 19, Schwenk, Uli. 894, Klingauf, Jörg, 402,7. 895, Duske, Hannes.

KLINGAUF Juergen, Germany. LAGNADO Leon. JUERGENS Gerd, Germany. Awardees paid during FY 2002. 1. 1999 Fellows paid during FY 2002. Name.

Apr 21, 2015. Dr Gerd Gruppe and Holger H. Meinel. cy's name: since 2015, it has been known as the DLR. Dr Uwe Klingauf (Vice Chairman). Prof.

associated atlas space, i.e., for which a name-to-coordinate mapping is available. Michael Stern, Andrea Gierse, Saime Tan, Gerd Bicker. Jürgen Klingauf.

. in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name. Kim, Soeng Hun; Van Lieshout, Gert-Jan; and Jeong, Kyeong In 10129738 Cl. H04W. Klingauf, Gerhard; Ganso, Christine-Martina; Windmiller, Daniel; and Sotlar,

May 15, 2004. Names, Status and Domicile. 1. The International. KLINGAUF Juergen, Germany. LAGNADO. JUERGENS Gerd, Germany. Morphogenetic.

Dec 31, 2007. Nadja Jung, Martin Wienisch, Mingyu Gu, James B. Rand, Sebastian L. Müller, Gerd Krause, Erik M. Jorgensen, Jürgen Klingauf, Volker.

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Jun 20, 2005. Holger Lietz , Jan Thomanek , Basel Fardi , Gerd Wanielik, Improvement of the. Relja Arandjelović , Andrew Zisserman, Name that sculpture, Mykhaylo Andriluka , Oliver Schwahn , Uwe Klingauf , Stefan Roth , Bernt.

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Yearbook 2004/05 – MSc/PhD/MD-PhD Neuroscience Program – Name. Home Country. Ioanna. Bethani. Greece. Barbara. Cokic. Serbia and. 2004: „Vesicle recycling in hippocampal neurons“, Dr. J. Klingauf, MPI for. Gerd. Lüer. Psychology. U Göttingen. Markus. Missler. Neuro and Sensory Physiology.

Gerd – Wiktionary – A female given name. A male given name, a contraction of Gerhard. Namnestatistikk: 16 081 females with the given name Gerd living in Norway on January.