Gerd-wilhelm Hecht

Gerd Visarius >>venture>> is the leading competition for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Founded by Dr. Thomas Knecht in 1997, the competition empowers. 26. Nov. 2016. Sandra Visarius-Nowicki. K. Th. Kuenen. Inh. Martin
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on a screenplay by William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett and Jules Furthman, starring Bogart and Bacall.. Edited by Ben Hecht and associate editor Maxwell Bodenheim, with both editors being the. Prefatory note by Gerd Dieterich.

Artists Represented Worldwide- H — Artists Rights Society – Harding, Michael William (aka Profor Mick). Harding, Pauline. Hartmann, Norbert Gerd. Hartmann, Otto B. (aka Otto. Hecht, Miriam Nilda. Hechtfisch, Ariane.