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Biology Direct 2009, 4:31 doi:10.1186/1745-6150-4-31 Received: 19 August 2009 Accepted: 28 August 2009 This article is available from: © 2009 Dressel et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

Gerd Hasenfuss, M.D. Professor of Medicine Head of Cardiology and Pneumology Chair of Heart Center Georg-August-University Göttingen Germany

Professor Gerd Hasenfuss (Goettingen, DE) discusses FIX-5C and the EU registry – Cardiac contractility modulation improves peak VO2, long-term survival and hospitalisations in.

Toischer, Karl (Prof) / Hasenfuß, Gerd (Prof) Description. TP B04: We could previously show that afterload leads to maladaptive hypertrophy and heart failure whereas preload with comparable elevation of wall stress leads to adaptive hypertrophy. In this project the role of the titin-N-2B-region and of the serin-/threonine-kinase Akt in the adaptation to preload shall be analysed in genetic.

Their work within this study has been funded by CRC 1002 (“Modulatory units in heart failure”; speaker Prof. Dr. Gerd Hasenfuß). The Institute has also established a.

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External partners of Collaboration. Professor Gerd Hasenfuß, MD, Department of Cardiology and Pulmonology, Georg-August University of Göttingen (Scientific co-worker, Leader working group on "Right ventricular dysfunction and myocardial damage")

Are you Gerd Hasenfuss? Register this Author. 100Publications. 1683Reads-Profile Views. Rationale and design of the EU-CERT-ICD prospective study: comparative effectiveness of prophylactic ICD implantation. Authors: Markus Zabel Christian Sticherling Rik Willems Andrzej Lubinski Axel Bauer Leonard Bergau Frieder Braunschweig Josep Brugada Sandro Brusich David Conen Iwona.

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Gender and Phone Myocardial Hypertrophy Institute of Gender in Medicine (GiM). Gerd Hasenfuß, Vera Regitz-Zagrosek FOR1054 Project Partners Michael Bader, Duska Dragun, Otmar Huber, Ulrich Kintscher, Joachim Klose, Dominik Müller, Wolf-Hagen Schunck, Vera Regitz-Zagrosek Jointly organized by DFG Research Group FOR1054 IP EUGeneHeart (EU 018833) Institute of Gender in Medicine.